I like helping women look and FEEL good.

I can help you feel that way too.


The Belle by Joëlle Difference

My number one priority as a makeup artist is to keep my clients safe by offering a clean and sanitary experience. I'm licensed with the Cosmetology association of New Brunswick and I'm fully insured to protect my clients.  You can trust me with your beauty AND your health. 




I'm best known for being one of the top makeup artists in New Brunswick & Atlantic Canada and have been taking care of my client's beauty needs for the past 14+ years.


After obtaining my aesthetics certificate I've dedicated my career to making women feel good and helping them celebrate their beauty through makeup artistry.  For the past 6 years, I've had the pleasure of becoming a business owner and have worked with over 200 Brides and thousands of clients through various projects.


It is my mission to help my Belles with products and professional makeup techniques that are suited to their needs and personal style with and experience that is intimate, warm and inviting.

My career in a few sentences.

I own a private makeup line

After years of working for other brands I've decided that it was time to curate my very own collection that was suitable to my needs and the needs of my clients.

I create products with my Belles in mind. I listen to your wants and I bring in what I hope you'll enjoy.

My line is made in Canada with the highest quality of pigments and ingredients. It's fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, paraben free, non-comedogenic & tested on Belles - never on animals!


I bring red carpet technique to you

Continual education is at the top of my priority list and I train with the industry's best artists to bring red carpet quality makeup to our area. Here's a list of the masters I've trained with.

Sir John ( Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian)

Reggie Wells ( Oprah, Diana Ross )

Gregory Arlt ( Gwen Stefani & Dita Von Teese)

Sandy Linter ( Jackie Kennedy & Debbie Harry

Pati Dubroff ( Margot Robbie, Hillary Clinton, Taylor Swift)

Troy Surratt

Sam Fine


Alex Box

Nicky Posley

Anastasia Durasova

And more...

Behind the Scenes

a look into my real life..

I'm happiest at home with a good book, my record player, fresh flower & coffee by the fire with my hubby and our puppy Stella (aka the cutest thing on earth!). I love people but I'm also an introvert who needs to recharge in solitude which makes living in the quietness of the country a dream for me. I love to draw and paint, enjoy good food & collect and sell vintage treasures with Mon Pré Objets Nostalgiques.

Artist with Paintbrushes
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